Kudos for Tots Kit


Kudos for Tots is a real-life game that acts as an incentive program for children ages 3-4.  We developed it because when younger kids in families saw how much fun and rewarding the Kudos for Kids game was for their siblings, they wanted to be a part of it!  In the Kudos for Tots version, there are ten jobs parents can choose from to add to the ring of responsibilities the kids need to do each day.  Kids are rewarded all day long with smiley face cards and then, as they get older, 25 cent cards, for things like picking up their toys, cooperating and doing what they are asked.  The happy face cards can be used for things like reading a story with a parent, getting to play with friends, or even earning a toy.  The frowny face cards are used rarely to remind the kids they want to be happy and cooperative. 

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Kudos for Tots comes with: 

-A chart with a pocket and two hooks

-“My Stuff” cards on a ring (used each day to complete a child’s personal responsibilities)

-Happy face and frowny face cards that are earned each time they are asked to do something and they do it or when they are whining or exhibiting a negative behavior. They are stored in the pocket.

-25 cent cards (used when the child gets a little older)

All cards have a sleek, smudge and dirt-resistant finish and the chart is made of durable, light-weight plastic.

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