James Jones’ “Let’s Fix the Kids!” Program

A parenting program unlike any other…

James Jones

After going through his own parenting challenges, James Jones went back to school and earned a degree in Marriage and Family Therapy in order to help families learn what he wished he had known when he was raising his family.

As what he taught began to have an impact on families, he realized that he could help more parents, more quickly by teaching classes, offering support groups and holding seminars than he could by doing one-on-one therapy sessions. So he dedicated his life to traveling and teaching everyone he could about the principles and concepts he wished he had known as a parent.



He spent a good portion of his life traveling throughout the United States and Canada as a guest lecturer for churches, schools and communities and asked that he not be paid a fee or honorarium for his efforts.  His lectures were jam packed with parents, eager to improve their parenting and help their struggling children and often many were lined up outside the lecture hall trying to get into his next session. Many thousands of families used the principles he taught in their homes and their families were deeply impacted.

His seminars and lectures were taped and sold, first in audio cassette format and then CD format.  He taught with humor and a degree of understanding of human nature that engaged his audiences.  He would have them laughing uncontrollably one minute and touched deep within the recesses of their hearts the next.

True happiness and a fullness of joy can be found only in the tender and intimate relationships of the family.

James Jones
American Mothers, Inc. Heartily endorses Dr. James Jones’ program for parents.  His lively presentations have always been warmly received, and his methods have proven effective with countless families.

I have felt a great ache as I’ve seen how I’ve unknowingly repeated so many of the mistakes I learned as a child. The gratitude I feel for the things I have learned from this program is almost overwhelming. How do you thank an answer to a prayer? I have become the chain-breaker in my family now that I have a clear, concise roadmap.

C. J.

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