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Angela Meyers

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  • Dust off the Baton and Change Your Parenting Legacy
  • The Power Seconds That Will Change the  Trajectory of Your Life
  • The 7 Never Evers and the 7 Constant Cs of Parenting


FIX THIS: As a Family Life Educator, Angela Meyers, founded the Kudos for Families non-profit to give parents the positive tools to create a nurturing, joyful, and connecting family environment. These tools work and are easy to use. Through videos, question and answer sessions, and made-for-you materials, creating a solid and happy family life has never been more attainable. 

Based on Christian principles, the principles and tools help each family member learn how to (outcomes) communicate clearly and deeply, become self-reliant and dependable, manage money and resources wisely, and increase love for each other, and actually enjoy the process (or something like that…) If you’re ready to begin a new generation of parenting, this is the place for you. Connect with us at (put where to go)

  • Your Kids Will Whistle While They Work
  • Words Matter: Using the Power of Words to Lift Your Relationships
  • Anger: The Intruder in the Relationship


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First Person Clips Of Mountain Rides With The X1

Aerial Footage 5:29

Watch some drone footage of our team’s best riders going downhill on Salient mountain.

The Quick Route 3:20

There’s staying on the trail and then there’s taking the “alternative” route.

Kevin Robertson 6:45

Check out Kevin treck some of the most intense courses in all of the Salient area.

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Angela Meyers is a Family Life Educator, speaker, trainer and podcaster. She has a B.S. degree in Psychology, an M.S. degree in Marriage, Family and Human Development, and is a member of the National Parent Education Network. She is the founder of Kudos for Families, a program that provides ready-made materials and tools to teach parents how to move past the overwhelm and transform themselves, and their homes using true principles, practices in order to parent by design rather than default and raise children who are responsible, happy and flourishing.

As a mother of four adopted children including a special needs child, and grandmother of three, she has spoken and trained others extensively on adoption, substance abuse prevention, parenting and marriage enrichment. She has presented for national and local organizations as well as LDS Adoption Council and BYU Aspen Grove parenting and marriage courses. She is a certified trainer of trainers for the DCYP parenting program, a member of the National Speaker’s Association, is certified by the Connie Sokol DTL Speakers Academy and a certified Espeakers virtual speaker.


Angela is a public speaker, teacher, podcaster, and founder of Kudos for Families non-profit. She has a B.S. in Psychology, an M.S. Marriage, Family and Human Development and is the creator of Kudos for Kids®, a system that completely transforms families by teaching kids to be responsible and cooperative and contribute to the family and society. She is the mother of four adopted children and grandmother to several beautiful grandkids.