Our Mission

Our Mission

In this high-tech, fast-paced world, families need knowledge that will help them to rise above the difficulties of life’s experiences. The mission of Kudos for Families is to provide effective information and tools to help families flourish!  

The information we present comes from areas such as psychology, cognitive behavior therapy, positive psychology and family systems theory.  We wrap it all up in a parenting program that goes much more deeply than other programs to address what is really going on.  

As you learn and then use the Kudos for Families principles, you will find difficult relationships will improve, self-esteem will grow, and your cherished children and teens will learn the power of work and strong values. 

What are you waiting for? Get started and watch your home environment completely change and become a loving, strengthening force to help each member of your family thrive, reach their potential and be prepared to succeed and be happy in life!

Our mission? 

To give you what you need to help your family flourish!

The Happy Home You’ve Always Wanted

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Our Philosophy

We believe much of what goes on in families lies under the surface and that as parents, we do many things subconsciously that are based on patterns we learned from our families of origin and experiences we had when we were younger.  Because of this, most parents are operating in default mode which is not the best way to parent.  Becoming more conscious of how we parent and learning correct parenting principles leads to better parenting and healthier families.

Because of this, rather than tips, tools and techniques that only scratch the surface of what is going on, Kudos for Families invites you to dig deeply and examine the root of what is happening in order to treat the real problems and not just the surface level symptoms. With knowledge and understanding of correct principles, you will be able to eliminate dysfunctional behaviors and move towards an emotionally healthy, happy family.