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True happiness and a fullness of joy can be found only in the tender and intimate relationships of the family. However earnestly we may seek success and happiness outside the home through work, leisure activities, large bank accounts or worldly endeavors, we will never be fully satisfied emotionally if we fail to develop deep and loving relationships with members of our own family. This is the purpose of family life, and will be the end thereof if we but apply the simple, yet vital, principles which nourish and strengthen these bonds of love.

James J. Jones

The Happy Home

You’ve Always Wanted

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What They’re Saying

You have made the world a better place to live in! Thank you!


Your program has given me the invaluable tools I’ve searched for to be able to understand how to care for my children based on so many principles I have learned over the years but never knew how to incorporate.


I have felt a great ache as I’ve seen how I’ve unknowingly repeated so many of the mistakes I learned as a child. The gratitude I feel for the things I have learned from this program is almost overwhelming. How do you thank an answer to a prayer? I have become the chainbreaker in my family now that I have a clear, concise roadmap.


We had the normal troubles and trials of most families. Children who whined and complained about various tasks, homework, and practicing their instruments, etc. They also were not very willing to stop their arguing with one another or go to bed on time. We put your principles into practice and now I get up in the morning to one playing the piano and one vacuuming the floor! They buy their own clothes and shoes, paid for part of their camps and have personal savings accounts for the things they want. The best part is, that as a mother who has struggled with parenting for years, I found myself falling in love with my kids in a new way.


We are so impressed with the information provided within your system and the down to earth, no-nonsense approach that you present. We would like to thank you for all of the information and encouragement we have received.


American Mothers, Inc. Heartily endorses Dr. James Jones’ program for parents. His lively presentations have always been warmly received, and his methods have proven effective with countless families. Dr. Jones is a man of rare dedication to the high ideals of principle-based parenting. These have been forged through practical as well as professional experience. This means a lot to mothers.

Marcia FordAmerican Mothers, Inc.

We need to reach out proactively to parents everywhere to spread this wisdom while their children are young or, better yet, unborn. It is far too late to wait until children are in treatment. As you know, these lost or delayed opportunities are heart breaking. Your material absolutely hit the bulls-eye for my wife and me. Although we’ve been good parents, after completing your materials, we realize we haven’t been great parents. My daughter now takes responsibility for her actions.


Today children are brought into a world that is more dangerous and full of temptations and problems and opportunities to go astray than has ever been known. I believe your work helps bring the scales into balance by giving parents the tools they need to succeed against such powerful opposition.


We’ve always tried to be good parents and have been through lots of parenting books and programs. But it wasn’t until we began using this parenting course that the things we’ve tried for years and years to make happen in our home started to fall into place within just a couple of weeks. We’re so grateful to the friends who told us that this is the best program in the world for families. They were right!


I think every parent from every walk of life should hear this presentation. Absolutely fabulous! Well worthy of my time. It lifted a burden from my shoulders and made parenting enjoyable again. It teaches new ways of making parenting rewarding for both parents and children.


I wish every parent could hear this program!


If you had told me two months ago that we would ever have the peace and love in our home that we enjoy today, I would never have believed you. Our children are happy and cooperative now; they work around the house and behave. It is wonderful! We enjoy them and they enjoy us. We had some real problems with contention and being lazy and rebellious. We have experienced a true miracle!


For the first time in 18 years, I have hope and that feels so good. I love it and I’m so very excited and telling everyone about it. You have been an answer to prayers.


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