Meet Our Team

James J. Jones

Founder and Owner of "Let's Fix the Kids!"

James is an honorary member of our team as we draw extensively upon his principles and teachings. James is the owner and president of the Familyhood Education Foundation, Family Impact, Parenting Solutions and “Let’s Fix the Kids!”. For over 30 years he traveled throughout the U.S. and Canada, taught at Brigham Young University's Education week for 25 years. Using humor and anecdotes, he taught parents ways to curtail their children’s rebellion, fighting, arguing, and whining and how to raise responsible, cooperative, hardworking, happy kids. He deeply impacted and helped save thousands of families. James has an M.S. in Marriage and Family Therapy.

In his words: “My wife, Lillie, and I raised four beautiful children who have excelled in sports, school, music, etc. Three of our kids made good choices in their lives and we thought we were the world’s best parents. Then, tragically, some older kids introduced our youngest son to drugs. As we waded through a hellish nightmare of police, jail, drug programs, counselors, and psychologists we wondered where we had gone wrong. Through hundreds of hours of individual, family and group counseling, I found that I knew very little about raising a family, and realized that good parenting didn't just happen; that parenting is a science based upon correct principles. I went back to school and earned a Masters degree in Marriage, Family and Child Therapy. With this knowledge, I was able to help our son. I then made it my life’s mission to help others. That experience, combined with the information and data from studies, along with the thousands of hours of individual and family counseling I have given, helped me in developing my incredibly powerful parenting program, ”Let’s Fix the Kids!”.

Angela Meyers

CEO, Founder of Kudos for Families

Angela is a public speaker, teacher, trainer and podcaster and is the founder and CEO of Kudos for Families and the owner of Family Impact Training. She has a B.S. degree in Psychology, an M.S. degree in Marriage, Family and Human Development and is a member of the National Parenting Education Network. In the late 1990’s, she created the Kudos for Kids behavior modification program that was used by James Jones’ in his “Let’s Fix the Kids!” parenting program. She is a family life education consultant, has spoken extensively on parenting, adoption, and women’s issues and helped develop several parenting programs. Angela is the mother of four adopted children, some with special needs, and grandmother to several beautiful grandkids.

We are people of faith and this program is based on Christian principles. We work under the belief that everyone knows basic right from wrong, such as that it is wrong to kill another human being or even that it is wrong to scream at your kids. When you study about or hear a correct principle, you will know it is right and it will feel good. We believe that no matter what a parent’s beliefs about God or the universe whether he or she is a person of faith or not, this program will be effective as it is based on sound principles that stand the test of time. The concepts in this program, when applied deliberately, consistently and with love will have a major impact on the lives of your family members.