Add-on Kudos for Kids Kit


Kids go crazy over this system! Parents love it! 

Personal responsibility! Chores! Cooperation! Good attitudes! Values!

Buy one of these for each additional child. (The course and system comes with one chart so add one chart for each additional child.)

Kudos for Kids is more than just a job chart; It is an incentive program for children ages 5-12 that teaches responsibility, values, hard work, cooperation, love and unity.

This kit includes the chart and all of the cards for one child. You will need one of these per child. In order to fully run the system, you will also need the Household Kit with the job cards that are used daily and weekly. You only need one household kit for your home, no matter how many children you have.

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The Kudos for Kids Kit consists of:

-Chart for wall  made out of a durable but lightweight plastic
-My Stuff cards on a ring with a lanyard (used each day to complete a child’s personal responsibilities)-Kudo Kash
-Three pockets for the chart, one for the child’s daily earnings, one for his or her weekly earnings and one for notes and mail
-Hooks to hold  Heart-to-Heart values cards, Trustworthy card, target behavior card and the Kudo King award
-Warning Cards-Stop card, Caution card, Lock-up card
-Misc. Cards for positive behaviors: Target Behavior, Trustworthy, Speedy Award and Double Dollar Day cards

All cards have a sleek, smudge and dirt-resistant finish.

Please note: The Kudo King cards and the Job cards are part of the Household Kit and need to be purchased separately.  Only one Household Kit is needed per family.

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