Kudos for Kids Household Kit


The Household Kit is a set of 53 household Job cards and the Kudo King cards. Parents simply choose which jobs need to be done in the house and assign then out by putting them on the charts. child is given two weekly Job cards at the beginning of the week for jobs he or she will have the entire week and each night is given two daily Job cards for jobs to be done the next day.   The Kudo King cards consist of Kudo King award cards that can be earned, saved and used for privileges as well as a deck of 13 cards that the child who is Kudo King of the day gets to choose from.  They include cards like Treasure Box, Skip One Job, Vacation Day and Wild card. Each family needs one Household Kit no matter how many children the system is being used for.  Only one household kit is needed per family.

The Household Kit consists of everything needed to run the Kudos for Kids system that is not included in the Kid Chart:

Job cards

Kudo King Game Cards

All cards have a sleek, smudge and dirt-resistant finish.

Please note: Only one Household Kit is needed per family.

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