Kudos for Kids® Behavior System and Game


Kudos for Kids is an easy-to-maintain behavior system that will cover everything you need in an organized way to set your home up as a learning environment to raise happy responsible kids!

With Kudos for Kids®, your kids will:

  • Develop the behavioral skills they need to get along with others, communicate, work and manage their own time and resources
  • Be assigned household responsibilities in a fun way
  • Improve their relationship with their parents, siblings, and others
  • Earn Kudo Cash as a reward

The complete system includes the 10-module course, one household kit and one kid chart. Purchase an additional kid chart for each additional child. You only need one household kit per family.



When you use the Kudos for Kids® system you will be:

  • Applying the correct parenting principles taught by Kudos for Families. This includes using principles of positive psychology, child development and behavior modification. 
  • Putting into practice, positive psychology, behavior modification, child development and powerful scientific principles. This will result in major positive changes in your own behavior and in the behavior and attitudes of your children.
  • Using Kudo Kash to recognize kids in a positive and tangible way.
  • Improving parent/child relationships by mastering parenting skills and reversing the role of the parent from “punisher” to “rewarder.”
  • Having fun with your kids as the system is played like a game.
  • Catching your children being good, focusing on the positive and increasing the love and harmony in the home.
  • Watching your kids do their assigned jobs around the house and ask for more work!
  • Helping your kids develop the skills they need to get along with others, communicate, work and manage their own time and resources.

What you don’t need:

  • A ton of time.
  • A degree in psychology or child development. Our system has powerful principles imbedded within it and you will automatically be applying these without even thinking about them.
  • To be a perfect parent!

To buy components separately go to our shop page.

The Kudos for Kids® System will make your life so much easier, so jump in and get started now!

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