A System to Help You Raise Responsible, Respectful Kids!

A real-life game that acts as an incentive program to teach kids responsibility, values, family unity, and cooperation.

Kids love it! It’s simple! It works!

Feeling out of control and overwhelmed?

Tired of the whining, complaining and fighting?

Get it all under control!

Experience more family unity and love!

Replace whining and complaining with helpfulness and cooperation!

Raise responsible, respectful kids AND maintain your sanity!

KUDOS FOR KIDS® Really Works!

The Kudos for Kids® System

will completely change the environment

in your home!


-Everything is set up ahead of time so you can just enjoy your family.


-Your kids will be motivated to work and even ask for more chores.
-Whiney and complaining attitudes will be replaced with happy, helpful ones.


-Your kids will learn values that will help them be happy, successful adults.
-You will stop being the “punisher” and become the positive “rewarder”.

Get results within a day!


I know exactly how you feel because I’ve been there and I’m here to help you through it!

Way back when…I was busy raising three boys…

One day, I remember thinking, “Dang! Being a mom is really hard! It’s super hard. And I’m supposed to know what I’m doing!”

I had a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a master’s degree in Family Life Education, with an emphasis in parenting and yet, I was having a hard time.

It was hard to keep track of everything that needed to be taken care of, hard to teach me kids everything I thought they needed to learn.

I thought, “If it is this hard for me, and I’m supposed to know what I’m doing, it’s gotta be hard for other moms!”

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In desperation, I took all of the parenting and psychology principles I had learned and dumped them into this system.  I got input from other parenting experts and from other moms.

Every time I thought there was something else that I needed, like goal setting or working on honesty, I added it and the result was the Kudos for Kids® system.

It’s an easy to use but comprehensive system that actually works and completely changes families!

It has been used by thousands of families and the positive feedback has been incredible.

Kids are going from lazy and unmotivated to hard working, responsible and respectful! And parents are getting relief from the overwhelm of everything it takes to raise kids.

So, come on! Take the pressure off!  

Join the Kudos Family and 

Get Everything You Need Now


    • The ten-module, on-line video course with downloads that guides you through setting up the system to completely transform your home!
    • The household kit (only one per family needed)
    • One Kid Kit (add additional kits for other children, for $32 each or tot kits, $24 each)

Just $97

What is the Kudos For Kids® System?

It’s more than just a job chart…

It is a comprehensive but easy to use incentive system for kids.

Your family will love this wacky combination of values teaching, love building, goal setting, budgeting and a job chart all wrapped up in a fun game. It focuses on rewarding the positive and helps parents be purposeful in their parenting.

It is easy for parents and will completely change the environment and relationships in your home in just a few minutes a day!

And what’s included in the System?

The Complete System and Course includes the 10-module on-line course, one Household Kit and one Kid Kit. You can customize your system by purchasing one additional Kid Kit or Tot Kit per additional child.

What do parents say about Kudos for Kids®?

Angela’s simple system gets results! My 10-year-old went from not wanting to do piano to practicing 40 minutes—by choice! He does his chores and loves to earn his favorite toys. This method reduces meltdowns while raising the responsibility and respectfulness level. And it’s so easy to use! Thank you, Angela, for this stellar system, it truly, genuinely works.

Connie SokolBest selling author, national speaker

Our family has loved the Kudos for Kids® Chore system; it has transformed our house. My kids have never been more excited to do their chores with any chore system (and I used a lot)! There’s something magical about that lanyard with the flip cards. Every single one of my kids has been so excited to get their lanyard and to do their chores and to flip through 'em and show me as they're going along how excited they are to be passing off each card. It has been transformative for our family, and it's been really easy for me just to go and change their daily jobs and their weekly jobs and they can know exactly what they need to do. I also love the heart to heart values, you're not just teaching your kids to work, but you're teaching them lifelong values and principles. I would recommend it to anyone.

Ashlee StrattonSpeaker, Goal Expert, Disciple Thought Leader

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For a Costco sample of the System, try the free “I’d Be Happy To!” game!

Kids’ attitudes go from whining and complaining to cooperative and helpful in as little as a day!
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Get Everything You Need


    • The ten-module, on-line video course with downloads that guides you through setting up the system to completely transform your home!
    • The household kit (only one per family needed)
    • One Kid Kit (add additional kits for other children, for $32 each or tot kits, $24 each)

Just $97

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Kudos for Kids is the Answer!

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If I could change one thing, it would be more willingness from children to help with household chores.


I would like my children to be more willing to help.


I wish we could work hard together.


I get frustrated and would like to know how to best involve the kids in work around the house.


I would like my family to work more together and have more fun together.