Kudos for Kids®

A real-life game that acts as an incentive program to teach kids responsibility, values, family unity, and cooperation.

Kids love it. You can do it. It works. 

All the Details!

So what is the Kudos For Kids® System? 

It’s more than just another job chart!

It’s a wacky combination of values teaching, love building, goal setting, budgeting and a job chart all wrapped up in a fun game. It focuses on rewarding the positive and helps parents be purposeful in their parenting.

It is easy for parents and will completely change the environment and relationships in your home in just a few minutes a day!

The system includes:

  • A 10 module Online Video Course that gives you important parenting principles, instructions on how to set up and use every part of your system, and downloadable pdfs.
  • Kudos for Kids Chart for ages 5-13 that hangs on the wall and is the central location for everything.
  • My Stuff Personal Responsibility Cards on a lanyard that kids put on in the morning when they get up and  go about doing their personal responsibilities without being asked or nagged.
  • Job Cards that are used to assign kids a couple of daily jobs and a couple of weekly jobs to contribute to the family.
  • Heart to Heart Value Cards that parents post on the chart when they want to work on specific values.
  • Kudo King Award Cards and the Kudo King Game used to earn privileges and the most coveted part of the system.
  • Kudo Kash used to reward kids for doing their jobs, having good attitudes, getting along, cooperating and helping out, that kids can use at home or that can be exchanged for real cash when needed.
  • Kudos for Tots is a special chart for kids ages 3-5 that hangs on the wall.

The Complete System and Course includes the 10-module course, one Household Kit and one Kid Kit. You can customize your system by purchasing one additional Kid Kit or Tot Kit per additional child.

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Kudos for Kids® is a comprehensive, easy to use incentive system for kids!

The Kudos for Kids system is an easy way to implement parenting principles that really work. It can be as simple or as comprehensive as you’d like! You can start with one component at a time and add others when you need them.  

NOTE: You will need one Kudos for Kids Kit (ages 5-12) or Kudos for Tots Kit* (ages 3-4) for each child in your home and just one household kit per home.

And now, info about each part of the chart.

Parents Have Concerns and

Kudos for Kids ® Has the Answers!

Parents want kids to take more responsibility for themselves:

Sometimes I’m too laid back so maybe I should push them more. For example, make sure they practice their instruments every day and things like that.

I’d like to be better about allowing my children to make their own choices/mistakes.


I reward too much without making my kids earn it. Therefore, they are very unappreciative.


I do too many things for my kids because it is easier than making them do it.


The Kudos for Kids Answer is My Stuff Cards

The My Stuff part of the game is a set of 20 personal responsibility cards which hang on a ring and attach to a lanyard. The kids get up in the morning, put the lanyard on and go about, on their own, doing their personal responsibilities such as making their bed and packing their lunch. There are also cards on the lanyard for personal responsibilities that need to be done after school and before bed such as doing homework, practicing an instrument and getting to bed on time. There is no nagging or reminding because doing the “My Stuff” cards is tied into the rewards component of the game.

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Did you hear that?  They take care of their own stuff without you reminding, nagging, begging, forcing or arm wrestling them!!!

Parents want kids to do more around the house and learn to work:

If I could change one thing, it would be more willingness from children to help with household chores.


I would like my children to be more willing to help.


I wish we could work hard together.


I get frustrated and would like to know how to best involve the kids in work around the house.


I would like my family to work more together and have more fun together.


The Kudos for Kids Answer is Jobs Cards

This is where the Job Cards come in!  Job cards are all the house cleaning and chores the parents want done around the house, like emptying the dishwasher, caring for pets, mopping the floor and vacuuming.  Each day, every child in the house is given two jobs to do.  Sammy might get “Set the Table” and “Dust the Furniture” for his Daily Jobs.  Each child also gets two jobs he or she is responsible for the week.  Jill might get “Feed the Dog” and “Bring in the Mail” for her Weekly Jobs.  Weekly Jobs are done each day for a week by the child. 

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Believe it or not, they will be begging you for more work to do!  Oh yes, this happens!

Parents want their kids to stop fighting, get along, and build each other up.

If I could change anything about the family relationships in my home, I would like to see my kids stop fighting amongst themselves.


I would like better ability for siblings to negotiate and solve problems amongst themselves without resulting in fighting.


I want more kindness and less contention in my home.


I want better conflict resolution and acceptance of others' thoughts and feelings that may be different than your own.


In my home, I want to see more open discussions about feelings and thoughts.


It would be nice if we could always be kind and to always be builders.


I want more kindness and patience with one another.


The Kudos for Kids Answer is Heart to Heart Value Cards

In order to improve family spirit, unity, love, and positive interaction, we have the Heart to Heart values component of the game. This consists of a pack of 21 cards that parents use to teach values.  Let’s say your kids are only thinking about themselves and exhibit lots of selfishness (no way, not my kids!).  Pick a value card from the deck and hang it on your kids’ charts.  When they see the card, they know they will be especially rewarded for any behavior that exhibits that value.  

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Want to try a  Costco sample of one of the Heart to Heart games? 

Get the “I’d Be Happy To!” game free!

Results in as little as a day!

You won’t believe the difference this one small part of the system makes.

Get your "I'd Be Happy To!" freebie!

But what motivates the kids?

Kudo Kash and

a whole boatload

of privileges!

Kids are rewarded all day long for positive behaviors, doing their “My Stuff” and “Job” cards because they receive Kudo Kash. Kudo Kash is fake money that turns into real money when it is time to buy something at the store.  They are also rewarded non-monetarily with privileges they earn like game system time, staying up late, skipping a chore, and getting a burger with mom or dad. The privileges they are earning used to just be handed out freely and now they are working for them. Your home becomes a positive, happy environment where good behavior is rewarded and thus increases. 

Not to worry though, even with your kids begging for work and having a good attitude to get Kudo Kash, you won’t become poor.  How is that possible?  Well, think of all the things you buy for and provide for your children….As part of the game, you are basically having them pay for the things you are already buying for them and that they normally take for granted.  Instead of you giving the merchant the money for the cool toothpaste your child wants, your child is paying for it. You are using the same money but your child is the hard-working, earning middleman! If you want to see your kids truly excited, stand next to them at the checkout counter as they hand you the Kudo Kash and you hand the cashier your debit card.  Of course, you (a little loudly), let the cashier and everyone around, know that your kid earned ALL the money for the fish she is buying along with the food and the bowl. Watch her puff up with pride.  


You give money————to the merchant———-and get the product (which your kid takes for granted)

On the Kudos System:

You give money——-to your hard-working kid——who gives it to the merchant——to get the product (and your kid appreciates it).

Finally, the most coveted award of the entire game

The Kudo King Award

The Kudo King award is the ultimate award of the game!  At the end of each day, the parent gathers the children around and announces who the  Kudo King  of the day is.  In order to be Kudo King, the child must first have completed all of their My Stuff and Job cards for the day.  Then, they must also have done all they were asked to do, been kind to everyone and have gone above and beyond to get the award.  Only one child can get the award each day.  As soon as the Kudo King of the day is announced, the time starts for earning it the next day so the kids who didn’t earn the reward are on their best behavior lest they lose the chance for the reward the next day.


The child who earned the award gets a Kudo King card that he hangs on his chart and saves to spend on privileges and also he gets to play the Kudo King game!  Mom or dad fan out a deck of 13 cards facing away from the child and so the child can choose a card and then redeem later. Some of the cards are Vacation, Skip a Job, Treat Bucket and Wild Card.  

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This leads to children (who would normally throw a fit when they hear they didn’t get the award) saying things like “Way to go” and “Good for you” to the sibling that is Kudo King of the day.

What Parents Are Saying about Kudos for Kids®!

Angela’s simple system gets results! My 10-year-old went from not wanting to do piano to practicing 40 minutes—by choice! He does his chores and loves to earn his favorite toys. This method reduces meltdowns while raising the responsibility and respectfulness level. And it’s so easy to use! Thank you, Angela, for this stellar system, it truly, genuinely works.

Connie SokolBest selling author, national speaker

Our family has loved the Kudos for Kids® Chore system; it has transformed our house. My kids have never been more excited to do their chores with any chore system (and I used a lot)! There’s something magical about that lanyard with the flip cards. Every single one of my kids has been so excited to get their lanyard and to do their chores and to flip through 'em and show me as they're going along how excited they are to be passing off each card. It has been transformative for our family, and it's been really easy for me just to go and change their daily jobs and their weekly jobs and they can know exactly what they need to do. I also love the heart to heart values, you're not just teaching your kids to work, but you're teaching them lifelong values and principles. I would recommend it to anyone.

Ashlee StrattonSpeaker, Goal Expert, Disciple Thought Leader

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