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We believe that we have a right to live and the right to protect ourselves.  There are physical boundaries we can all see like the fences around our homes to keep our children in and safe and the deer out to keep them from devouring our vegetable garden every year.  The fence around my home is built on my property line and marks the exact boundaries where my rights extend to and which no one can cross over without my permission. Some boundaries are easy to spot because they have a fence on them.  But the boundaries we should be most concerned about are invisible and are secured to us by laws that are passed by our elected officials.  It is against the law to break into my home and steal anything.  It is against the law to physically threaten me with a weapon on the street and rob me.  Our rights to life and property are protected by law and if you break the law and/or hurt me you will be arrested and tried by a court and possibly go to prison.  Some boundaries protect me physically, others emotionally, some psychologically. Everyone needs a sense of personal boundaries.  We should protect ourselves.  When others ignore our boundaries and demand that we believe or see or do things their way we have the right to resist that intrusion.  According to our constitution, we each have a divine right to think and believe what we please and to express our feeling, and reject the demands of others we feel are intrusive.  When the government or anyone else disrespects our god-given boundaries we have the right and duty to defend them.

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